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Disposable E-cigarette

1, Disposable E-cigarette FS4116.
2, Stronge puff with 3.6ML e-juice.
3, Different colors or OEM printing available.
4, Different packing ways available.
5, Best choice for chain-stores or shopping mall.
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***General Introduction:

FS4116 is the hot-selling disposable e-cigarette. It has the amazing puffing presentation and welcomed by every smoker who uses it. The tube is made of stainless steel which can be beautified by stoving varnish or stickers. It adapts the 650mAh mega battery core which can guarantee a long and heavy puffing time. FS4116 has the very good quality to stably supply to the stores, shopping mall or online. 

*** Specification: 

Disposable E-cig FS4116:

Size: 116mm(L) x 14.6mm(D)

Materials: Stainless Steel for the tube, PCTG for the built-in cartridge. 

Battery core: 650mAh. Output 3.6V. 45mm. 

Cartridge: 3.6ML. 1.8Ω. About 700 to 800puffs. 

LED: Burning effect design. Red color as default. Blue/White available for choice.



When puffing, the LED gradually turns on and off and the e-cig is working. 

Temperature: -10íŠ  - 40íŠ

Humidity: 60% ~ 80%



Puffing protection: If puff 10seconds, the cig stops working and enter the standby mode.

Low-voltage protection: When the battery is lower than 3.0V, e-cig stops the output. 

Short-circuit protection: During short circuit, LED turns on two seconds and e-cig stops the output. 



Temperature: 20íŠ ~ 30íŠ

Storage life: 12months.