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New Cartomizer Design

1,Upgraded cartomizer for all FS E-cigs.
2,Better inside structure. Bigger smog, more fluent air,more puffs,no burnt taste,no circuit-short danger.
3,Round flat electrode to protect batteries.Better connecting between cartomizer and battery.
4, For all e-cigs of FS812, FS510, FS808, FS eGo, etc.
5, Different colors, OEM printings, flavors, etc. for choice.
Products details

 * New FARSEE cartomizer inside structure design.

* New cartomizers supports all e-cigs of FS812/RN4081, FS510/eGo, FS808/DSE901, etc.

* New electrode design to protect the battery and make air flow goes through more fluently.

* New round electrode bottom to connect with battery better and protect the battery better too.

* New heating-wire position design to avoid the burnt taste problem. It supports more puffs.

* Screw/thread is the same as old type cartomizer to be compatible with all types of batteries.

 * Better quality, better structure, better technology. Same price.

New Cartomizer Structurer

* New cartomizer works for FS812, FS510/eGo, FS808, FS902, etc.

* 1.4ML E-liquid capacity. 

* Different flavors, nicotine levels, colors, OEM printings are available.