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All FARSEE 180/280mAh batteries upgrade

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New FARSEE E-cig Battery with The Best New Battery Cores 

Now FARSEE upgrades all of the regular e-cig batteries as below:

The original 180Ah battery now uses the new 240mAh battery core. 

The original 280mAh battery now uses the new 320Ah battery core. 

The battery sizes are not changed at all. But all new batteries have much more power. 

The new 240/320mAh battery cores have more powers of course, but at the same time they are in much better quality and presentation. It can be used longer time and work much more steady than the regular 180mAh/280mAh batteries in the market. 

** When you place orders on FARSEE's 180mAh/280mAh batteries, we will automatically change your orders into 240mAh/320mAh batteries with the SAME prices. The old type battery cores will be stopped to produce in our factory. Suppose any queries, please contact our marketing dept. to get more information. Thanks.