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***General Introduction about FARSEE TECHNOLOGY***

FARSEE Technology Co., Limited is specialized in producing electronic cigarette. 

FARSEE TECHNOLOGY Co., Limited is the leading manufacturer of classic E-cig FS812 series; FS510, FS eGo and Tank System, FS520 (auto keyring eGo), FS530(auto eGo), FS540(screwdriver) , FS550 (Twist Variable Voltage Manual eGo Battery), FS560 (flat-key variable voltage), FS570(USB eGo), FS580(auto LED eGo) series; water pipe(E-hookah) FS610 and mini water pipe FS620 series; Magnetic E-cig FS701 series; mini E-cig FS808 and FS902 series; PCC FS V1-power series; disposable E-cig FS4118/FS4118S and E-cigar FS4140/FS4155 series; E-pipe FS4313, FS602 and FS603 series; E-liquid and all the E-cig related accessories in China. Please email to for questions or requirements.