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Rechargeable E-cig with Tank

1, Rechargeable battery. Micro-USB charging.
2, Refillable tank.
3, Conjunct design. Tank cannot be taken off.
4, Manual operation.
5, Especially design for CBD juice.
Products details

  ***General Introduction:

FS-T301 is the disposable e-cig with tank cartridge. You can fill your favourite fluid including CBD. The e-cig is conjuncted design and we cannot take it apart. When filling the fluid, we just need to take out the mouthpiece and then fill e-liquid inside. After that we can assemble the mouthpiece and puff. 

    *** Specification: 

* Fluid capacity: 1.0ML or 0.5ML for choice. 1.0ML as default.

   Fill the e-juice: Easily twist-off the mouthpiece and fill the e-liquid inside. Please pay attention no liquid can get into the central tube. 

* Cartridge resistance: 1.4Ω. 

* Conjuncted design and the tank cannot be replaced. Disposable e-cig design.

* Battery: 280mAh. Rechargeable with micro port. 

* Mouthpiece: Strip ceramic or round shape for choice. 

* Size: 120mm(L) x 10.5mm(D) --- strip ceramic tip

            105mm(L)x10.5mm(D)  --- round tip 

 * White or Black colour for choice. The micro charging port and LED are on the battery top. 

 * Package: Plastic transparent tube packing. With our default sticker or your OEM design. 

* Charger: Micro USB charger cord. 

During charging, the LED on the e-cig top turns red. After fully charged, it turns green. 

All types of Micro USB cords are compatible.