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Disposable Ceramic Tank for 510/eGo

1, Disposable tank with Ceramic Heating-wire.
2, Works with 510/eGo batteries.
3, Burning regular or CBD juice.
Products details

  ***General Introduction:

FS-T420 is the disposable tank for 510/eGo series. It works perfectly on all 510 or eGo batteries in the market. When you receive the disposable tank, you can fill your preferring fluid into the tank and assemble the mouthpiece. After the mouthpiece is assembled, it can not be taken out any more. It has ceramic heating-wire which can burn most fluid including CBD very well in the market. 

   *** Specification: 

* Fluid capacity: 1.0ML.

Please do note that: Before fill the e-liquid, we cannot assemble the mouthpiece into the tank. The tip cannot be removed after assembled. 

* Cartridge resistance: 1.4Ω

* Battery: 510, eGo or any e-cigs with the same thread.

* Mouthpiece: Ceramics. 

* Size: 55.9mm(L) x 10.6mm(D)


* Package: Candy-bag packing. 5pcs per white box. 10 white boxes per medium box.